Lambda Omicron Lambda Fraternity House- A 3 story home in livable condition (it could really use some repairs and remodeling though) a little off of frat row. There are several personal touches left by various members in the past, one of the most obvious being a mural in the entry way of an anthropomorphic hamburger with an axe and a crazed look chasing a very scared looking Man in Black.

The University of Minnesota- Just like it is in real life, or so it seems.

Chow Fung- A Chinese restaurant in the heart of Dinky Town that also operates as a brothel. Run by the cranky Mrs. Fung and the Calmer Mr. Fung. The second floor appears to only be for certain customers but it is yet to be seen what it takes to dine there.

The Hospital- Where the frat seems to spend more time then should be considered healthy.

The Mak Attax Message Board- Where the friendly denzines of the internet have all the answers even if they aren’t true.

Austin Texas- Apparently you’re not supposed to go there


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